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Want video with your audio? We can do that!  From single camera run-and-gun to 3 (or more) camera setups or full greenscreen studio, John Walsh Audio can also capture the magic of your performance on video.
Green screen shoots can be done at our studio or remotely when the client isn’t available to travel.
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If you don’t have video to go with your audio you’re losing a big percentage of your potential audience. You could just put up a still with your audio, but that gets pretty boring after about the first 20 seconds. Whether you go for a full-blown production or a simple live shoot, you can enhance your performance’s appeal. Because projects vary in scope and budget please contact me for a quote on your project.   Editing - From 30 second spots to full length features. If you have your own footage and need editing and audio sweetening done, I can work with projects in editing apps such as Apple Final Cut 7, Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas, Pro Tools and Audition. Studio or Location shoots - Green screen studio set-up available or the ability to bring it all to your location. Camera Dolly System, 8 & 12ft crane, Steady Cam System and other equipment available. Contact me with your project details for pricing and availability.
Studio or Location Video Recording
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Shooting the live action at Bloodview Haunted House is always a magical moment!